This is the catch-all page.  Its a good spot tell you about my list of termite oddities, the bizarre page, which explores the strange-but-true side of termites.


Probably more useful is this listing of current news stories about termites.  There's also a recent audio piece from Radio Australia about termites in Fiji, or see some older interviews about West Australian termite mounds and termites in general.


Theres also a glossary, a guide to termite terminology, that lists an awful lot of jargon words and specialist terms used to describe termites.


Far less useful is this page which, is mostly an early javascript exploration, that explores the parts of a termite. I was going to drop it but some teachers still use it.  In a similar vein, and prone to crashing, is a little jargon game.


More useful to many students, is this little page that explores artificial trail following where termites will orientate along lines drawn on paper.


There's also a really old page about me and a cut-down cv.