What can I do to keep things dry around my house?

OK, so the termites are after moisture. What can I do to make life hard for them?

Here's some pointers to get you started.

You can do things that reduce the amount of water getting in to the soil near your perimeter walls:

  1. Make sure that rainwater on the roof does not drain into the soil.
  2. Grade the soil around the house so that water drains away, not towards the walls
  3. Don't have gardens, ponds, sprinklers, ferneries or pools near walls.
  4. Make sure that overflow drains from hot water services and air conditioners don't soak into the soil near the wall.

You can do things to help the water get away: 

  1. Have your excess roof water (hopefully the overflow from your collection tank) piped so that it drains well away from the house.  Thirty feet (about ten metres) is good.
  2. Consider having paths surround the walls to increase runoff and reduce soil wetting.
  3. If you must have gardens near walls make sure you have a good air gap so that the base of the wall is dried by the wind.
  4.  Don't have services, sheds or other items right up against the exterior walls.  A good air gap will allow the wind to dry the walls and also gives you space to see any shelter tubes.