Why are there "inaccessible areas" listed in my inspection report?

Don't these make it worthless?

Inaccessible areas are those places the inspector wanted/needed to inspect but couldn't get to.  Even in an unoccupied house, there may be listings for areas of sub-floor or roof or with locked doors that keep the inspecor out.  If the place is occupied, furniture and stored stuff often gets in the way.  You can help by clearing up before the inspection and having people available to move stuff as required.  Read the report very carefully to see if the inaccessible areas are considered to be a risk that needs to be inspected.  Sometimes this means opening up the surfaces to get access.  Cutting access holes in timber floors or making holes to see behind the drywall plaster can make all the difference between finding the problem and living blissfully unaware until the damage is really extensive..