Lots of questions come from homeowners, pest managers, students, teachers, media, other scientists and some really weird people I'm not sure I want to try and categorise. Answering ofen keeps me very busy. Nearly everybody gets an answer. If I'm having time troubles or if the question is one I've answered hundreds of times before, the answers might seem short, even terse. Sorry in advance.
Mostly, my advice is tipware: see below.
I'm happy to answer as many queries and calls for help as I can.
Don't be afraid to ask.

 A reply may be slower if:
  1. You haven't bothered to read the advice in the pages (it gets really hard repeating the same old stuff every day. The pages are a bit like a FAQ, please use them). Please feel free to contribute, Photos are always welcome, as are tips & stories.
  2. I'm away. Check here .
  3. It's a really busy time. Like the first seasonal flight in southern California or after a story gets aired on CNN or when I'm busy earning a living. Sometimes I am off travelling and far from good internet access.
  4. You are asking for stuff (for free) that is obviously of significant commercial value (Commercial work is possible, just not for free). People who profit should be prepared to share . . . That being said, I like helping pest managers . . .

If you have a termite problem. Don't forget to tell me:
  1. What part of the planet you are at.
  2. Times, dates, history, how you found it, fears etc.

If you are a student:
  1. Don't wait till the last day to ask.
  2. Impress me with what you've found out so far.
  3. Ask questions in as precise and specific a way as you can. That way I can give you precise answers.

Finally, all this costs $$$ to do.
If my advice saves you money please feel duty bound to give a tip. Ten percent of what you saved or $10. Let your conscience decide. Post checks (US$ or A$) to one of the needy causes below:
A Conservation Body:

The Forest Fund or the  TEC, perhaps if you are politically aware GetUp.

Dr Don's
Continual Home Renovation Fund:
Dr Don Ewart
PO Box 1044
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Or the charity of your choice.

OK, you've dutifully read through this page and done what was asked; so here's the email hook: